Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring 2011 Patterns

Butterick just released their spring patterns, the last in the cycle of new releases. I love looking through all the new patterns. Australia is 6 months (at least) behind the Northern hemisphere for getting patterns in store and Vogue patterns especially retail for an insane amount so I've taken to buying all my patterns online. Even with a shipping cost of $25 for 7 patterns they end up so much cheaper. Here's what's currently in my shopping cart.

An interesting take on the infinity dress. I've never seen one with sleeves. I could probably draft this dress but at $3 why should I?

This halter neck is really cute. I didn't think much of it in the solid but then I looked at the illustration and the line drawing and was sold on it. It reminds me of this dress from ModCloth.

The rest of the collection wasn't really for me but there were some really nice plus sized patterns which was really nice to see. I didn't find anything in the McCalls Patterns, not unusual, but Vogue didn't disappoint.

I hadn't heard of Pamella Roland before but this cute shirt dress caught my attention. I had a look on her website for more of their clothes and they are lovely. Here's this dress in her runway collection both Spring and Autumn.

Pamella Roland, Spring 2010, Look 10

Pamella Roland, Fall 2010, Look 3

I have a real soft spot for Donna Karan designs. I really like this one, the collar is especially interesting. I found that the other two designs looked a little bulky around the mid-sections which really bulked up the waist, not really what I need. 

This dress is gorgeous, I'm a sucker for well placed pleating. I'm not certain I would make it up in this print but it does look perfect.

How could you pass this one up, its so interesting. Looks stunning on the model, not sure it would look stunning on me. But it's so nice to see such an innovative and detailed design coming from the non-designer section of Vogue Patterns.

So now I'm tossing up whether or not I should buy them right now or wait. Its not like I NEED more patterns but they are so irresistible. 

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