Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Design Project-Dream, Delve, Draw

My design project for last session at university was a childcare centre. The brief was to redesign an existing childcare space to better cater for the children attending. Being a long daycare centre it was necessary to cater to ages 6 weeks to 5 years and to have 3 different areas for the 3 ages groups; 0 - 2, 2 - 3 and 3 - 5. The focus for the project was on colour and innovation. Here is a brief description of the project:

Delve, Dream, Draw is a design for a Long Day Care Centre located in Sydney's suburbs catering to children between the ages 6 weeks and 5 years. 
The design aims to stimulate development and afford children opportunities and experiences which are not readily available in an urban lifestyle. 
One element of this involved exposing children to elements of Australia's natural landscapes, in this instance the desert. 
Colour is an important medium to communicate, define space, create visual interest and influence behaviour.
In choosing the colour palette for the play spaces inspiration was taken from vivid colours of the Australian desert and set against a neutral backdrop to allow various areas to become focal points and giving the children space for display areas. 
The effectiveness of the colour scheme is increased by the use of complimentary colours. Young children prefer cool colours in their interior environments. Cool colours, especially blue, also have a calming and focusing effect, while bright orange both stimulates and excites.
The end result is a space which caters for young children's preferences, stimulates and educates and introduces new experiences and environments. The colours specified were chosen to facilitate these goals and were set against a neutral and restrained materials palette to further accentuate the areas in which colour is used.  


Section through entrance and 2 - 5 storage/quiet zone

Section through 2 - 5 storage/quiet zone, 3 - 5 play space, 2 - 5 bathroom, 2 - 3 place space, vege garden and 2 - 5 outdoor gross motor play

Section through entrance, administration office, 2 - 5 media room, 0 - 2 sleep room, laundry and nappy change, 0 - 2 play space and storage

Section through 2 - 5 storage/quiet zone, 3 - 5 play space, 2 - 5 bathroom, 2 - 3 place space, vege garden and 2 - 5 outdoor gross motor play

Elevation of 2 - 5 outdoor gross motor area, 0 - 2 outdoor place space and 2 - 5 water play/free play area

Perspective of 2 - 5 outdoor eating and craft space

Perspective of sandpit

Presentation board - actual size 900mm x 2400mm

This was a 13 week project and I have to admit that by the end of it I was a little sick of looking at it. Now I'm really happy with it. 


  1. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow /Hey thanks man!! you are so good. I think this the perfect work.

    Child Care Centre

  2. Thanks a lot Mugundhan! I really appreciate the compliment.