Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A break from regular sewing - Girl's bunny costume

It's one of my friend's daughter's 6th birthday party on the weekend. Her party is rabbit themed as it is the year of the rabbit and she wanted to have a bunny costume to wear. She drew up a design for her costume and looked on the internet for inspiration. This is what she came up with for inspiration.

Abby's TuTu Factory - Bunny TuTu Halloween Costume

Little Diva Tutus - Miss Bunny TuTu

HarleyRose Tutus via etsy

So with these images in mind I we set about recreating this using a store bought leotard and 6 metres of tulle in three different colours. Here is the tutu half complete along with bunny ears.

I've never made a tutu before so I just kind of winged it gathering each layer of tulle by hand then tacking together and stitching. I used two different types of tulle, regular stiff tulle and a softer tulle closer to netting. I used the stiff tulle for the bottom two layers. Using two 1.5m x 1m pieces of tulle in different colours cut into three along the longer side and gathered to the waist measurements. I sewed these two layers together stabilising with some thin elastic. I then gathered three more layers of the lighter weight tulle with the dimensions 2m x 0.45m, 2m x 0.4m, 2m x 0.35m. I then tacked these layers to the original two layers by hand. Then I moved to the sewing machine.

Using a zig zag stitch to tack all layers together.

Running a second row of stitching 1cm away from the first.

Sewing the waistband.

I caught wide elastic on the underside to give added structure and to protect from itching.

Exterior waistband using wide grosgrain ribbon.

The finished tutu.

The result is pretty good for my first attempt and most importantly the girl in question loves her new skirt and can't wait to wear it this weekend. 

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