Monday, February 7, 2011

Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge - Sewing Plan

I'm posting this a little late, it was meant to be up last week but I got distracted by the ridiculous heat wave we had in Sydney. We were all melting and way too hot to think about doing anything, let alone making clothing that was heavier than a cotton sheath. Thankfully we had a cool change yesterday and I'm catching up on all the things I neglected last week, including blogging.

So here is my challenge plan.

The patterns are still the same as my original plan but it's nice to put them all together and see how they are going to look together. I'm really excited about finishing all these and seeing how they look together. I am thinking that I might add more items later as I've made a bit of progress into these patterns.

You can see my finished maxi skirt here. I'm really happy with this skirt. I've worn it a lot over the last week and a half and it is really comfortable and works with quite a few different tops, including the twist front top. I will post some photos of the twist front top soon. I've almost finished the red dress but I have to re-do the neckline (I forgot to stabilise, silly me) and bind the armholes. I'm not using the cap sleeves from the pattern, I thought I would wear it more without them. The tan skirt is awaiting a cool enough day for me to deal with fusing the 16 piece waistband, which might be tomorrow you can never tell with the weather at the moment. Last but not last the jacket shell is almost completely together, it's mainly waiting on facings.

So that's how things stand with the Colette Patterns Spring Palette Challenge for me. There are tonnes of fantastic palettes on the forum.

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