Sunday, February 27, 2011

3D modelling in Maya

When it comes down to it, selling a design requires great images, especially perspectives. However I've never really been happy with the quality of the images I've been able to create with the programs I've learnt through uni. My boyfriend had been reminding me for about a year that a 3D modelling program would probably give me the quality of perspectives I desired and this summer I finally decided to really get into learning Maya.

I started with a couple of tutorials and then decided to move on to chairs. Here are the results:

The first tutorial I did dealing with polygons. 
These are meant to be screwdrivers if you can't tell.

The second tutorial dealing with NURBS.
This is a ghost from Pac-Mac. 

The third tutorial dealt with rendering. 
This is a computer folder icon. 

This was my first attempt at modelling solo and it took me about 5 days, maybe 10 hours to get to this point.
It's the Poang Chair from Ikea. Chosen because the brochure happened to be on my desk.

For my second attempt I wanted something different and a bit easier. 
So I went for Cappellini's Bird Chair by Tom Dixon. This took me maybe 5 hours.

I have found I really enjoy 3D Modelling, time consuming as it is. It almost reminds me of sculpting with clay and has quite a different feel when finished than CAD renderings I have done. I'm looking to gradually broaden my skills so that I can use Maya for my renderings for my final design project this year. Lots more practice is in order before that point I believe.

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