Thursday, January 20, 2011

Making a Bread Bag

With me making all this bread we had to have some where to store it which would both keep the bugs away and allow the bread to breath. I used some linen from my stash to make some quick and simple bread bags but any natural fibre would do. 

50cm x 40cm piece cotton, linen, muslin
80cm cord for drawstring

Fold fabric in half along longest edge. I used the selvedge of material for one of my long edges to save finishing that seam.  

Overlock or stitch along two edges leaving the top open

Bag is left open at the top 

If using an overlocker tie a knot in the end and beginning of each seam to prevent raveling 

Knot tied at the end of the seam 

Using the button hole function on your machine make town button holes about 2.5cm from the open edge

Turn bag inside out and fold down top edge about 1.5cm and stitch down making sure 
that the button holes lie between the stitching line and the folded edge

Tie cord to safety pin and insert into one button hole

Thread cord through

Pull through second button hole and even up ends

Tie ends 

Insert bread and pull closed

These bags take about 20 mins to make and could be used on a different scales for a variety of different things. Best of all they are easy and work really well.

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