Saturday, January 15, 2011

On the Sewing Table

Here's a snap shot of what I'm working on at the moment in my sewing room. I have a habit of cutting out a lot of projects at once and then gradually working through them. This year I'm focusing on working through these projects a little slower and focusing on the little details and making my projects as awesome as possible.

Here's what's currently lying on my desk:

This skirt from BWOF 01/09 This is Model 113 which I'm making up in a tan 100% cotton. I have previously made up 112 in a black stretch poly blend which I love and am hoping that 113 will be just as good.

The jacket on the right, Patrones 292 Model 12 in the same tan 100% cotton as above. I love a good trench coat but I don't have a good trench jacket. It's faced and bound in the maroon, mustard and black paisley viscose blend above, left over from a skirt I made for my mother for christmas. Unfortunately the fabric store had none left when I went to look for some more.

These shorts are Patrones 293 Model 6 cut out in the tan. Not something that I would usually make but this particular design really interested me so I thought I'd give it a go.

The jacket, Patrones 293 model 22, is also cut out in the tan. The skirt almost made the cut as well but at the last moment I chose the trench jacket over another skirt. The jacket is also something I wouldn't normally make but the details won me over. It will also have a bound seam treatment but so far I haven't decided what I am going to do the binding in.

Moving on from the tan material. This is Vogue 1209, a designer pattern from Rachel Comey. This is pretty much completed but I'm stalling on inserting the lining while considering whether to redo some of the top stitching. In addition the whole dress seems to be pulling to the right and I'm not sure why. Unfortunately the tabs topstiched onto the gathered areas does make it fairly obvious. The dark purple is a polyester chiffon and the light purple is a peach koshimbo.

This is BWOF 02/09 Model 123 which I have cut out in a light cream cotton jersey. I'm ashamed to say that all this is waiting for is for me to change my overlocker thread to white.

I cut out BWOF 06/09 102 ages ago and did all the basting and marking by hand I just have to get around to overlocking everything together. It's cut out in a navy lycra knit which I used to make two other dresses and a top.

BWOF 06/09 Model 113 is the same story as 102, it's in the same material even. Just needs to be overlocked together.

I also have several basic knit singlets waiting to have their necklines and armholes bound and two long sleeved knit tops waiting to be finished that are too hot to look at right now.

So hopefully there will be some progress on these in the next little while that I can put up here.

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