Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Residential Spaces: Private Space

One of my assignments for this session was to design forward thinking, grand and sustainable residential spaces for an exhibition. The space we were given was a 4 x 6 metre pavilion to realise our concepts about residential design. I chose to focus on a bedroom space, a living space and an outdoor space. Wehave already presented for an academic submission but this is also a competition so we have to present again in just under 2 weeks time so I'm still working on them.

My concept for the bedroom space is based on daily cycles. Drawing on the fact that few people actually follow the sun's daily cycle any longer the idea was to create an artificial sun cycle within the room while still creating a warm and soft interior environment which would cushion the inhabitants both physically and psychologically. I drew on colour trends which are leading towards warm metallics, warms whites and deep warm grey tones as new developments within metallic paints and sustainable paint ranges. Here is my inspiration board for this space.

Paint colours above are:
Dulux Grand Piano
Dulux Judah Silk
Murobond Aqua Glaze Pearl Lumiere 
Murobond Bridge Paint Relic
Murobond Aqua Glaze  Pearl Sari

Below is my original design that I submitted for my academic submission. I'm currently working on refining this design:

I would post up my sketches on what I'm changing but I dont have a scanner and photos of the sketches are coming out horribly. Hopefully I'll have the new design done in a day and I can post it up then.

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